Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Spring Party Week!

It looks like the Easter Bunny threw up in the back of my jeep. Yes, that’s right…it’s spring party week again! So not only did I have to slug it out with the other “last minute mommies” at our local Target AND Wal-Mart but I need to make 22 treat bags for my middle son’s class party. No big deal, right? Not when your three-year-old wants to help you by sampling all the candy.

After drop off tomorrow(a two trip ordeal), I have to rush home to make 20 fresh bunny shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my three-year-olds class party at 10:30. Oh, and I forgot about those cute little bunny cupcakes with the marshmallow ears and candy noses and the tinted coconut fur…I have to make those for a family party this weekend. This last thing though, is my own fault. It was one of those Martha Stewart/Superwoman volunteer moments that ended with “of course I have time, I’m not busy at all.”

It is times like these I question my sanity. Ok, well more than usual.

But it’s cool, it usually works itself out. As long as I don’t get all stressed and act crazy (i.e. embarrass myself or my kids). That is why today I want to encourage my awesome readers to remember to take a little time each day to relax. Even if you can only sneak away for a minute (you can even hide in the bathroom- I do sometimes) just take a few deep breaths, focus, regroup and be thankful.

Because before you know it (and I speak from experience here) the parties will be over. Well, the school ones anyway. I’m sure if I showed up at the high school with treat bags and bunny cupcakes my 15-year-old would hide under a chair.

Hmmm, I’ll have to remember that the next time she gets into trouble.

Have a great day tomorrow!


sasha said...

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3 Boys and an Old Lady said...

What a great reminder to take a little time for oneself!

Thanks for joining the Get Wired Wednesday Blog Hop and following Three Boys and an Old Lady!


NANCY said...

Happy "Get Wired Wednesday"! I'm following you now thru the blog hop and hope that you'll follow me back. Have a fantastic day!!


Debbie said...

You put me to shame. I have to make cupcakes for my son's birthday party next week and I think I'll buy them instead :0 Thanks for the follow. Following you back!
Debbie from

Kathleen said...

That's a lot of baking/sandwich making/martha madness. Good luck! I'm all stressed out because I'm making a walnut cake for Sunday. Ha!

Found you on bloggymoms. Following on GFC.


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