Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Minute to Say Thanks

Whew! What a festive week it has been here. I'm happy to report that all parties have come and gone (pretty) smoothly. The kids had a blast and so did I. Since there was no school on Friday, there was no rushing around like a house full of crazy people trying to get to school on time. Believe it or not the kids even slept in! Since I am used to jumping out of bed at five in the morning, I did not.
This was not a bad thing.
I awoke to a dark house, the rain gently falling outside. After making a pot of coffee, I quietly slipped over to my desk. Just one wrong move and I knew my quiet time would become Nick Jr. time. Since turning on the computer was not an option, I decided to catch up on the paperwork I had been avoiding during party week. That's when I found it, the soldier's address I had taken from I took it because our soldiers had been weighing heavily on my heart lately. I wanted to say thank you. So, I sat there in dark drinking my coffee and writing a letter. I haven't written a letter since I was a kid and I have to admit, it felt kinda weird without using the computer. I really didn't have any great prolific thing to say, just wrote about our life here and thanked them for their service to our country. I'm hoping the next time the kids will write to them as well.
I know those quiet minutes we get are few and far between. I know they are special. But finding that address on my desk Friday morning reminded me of something. Sometimes using your time to do something to lift someone else up is just as valuable. There are so many people in our lives who need a smile, a pat on the back, that quick phone call to say hi.Just a thought I wanted to share with you.
Happy Easter! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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