Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm Back!!

Howdy everyone, I've missed you. Hope you have been well. Due to some family issues and work issues, I had to take a little time off. But today, I'm back and ready to get back to work - and play.

It has been an interesting couple of months to say the least, I have changed so much I hardly recognize myself sometimes. It hasn't been easy and sometimes it has been painful. I joined the Y where I work out at least two days a week(soon to be more when the kids head back to school in the fall). I drink
a lot of water and am careful about what I eat. I've lost 25lbs. Although I'm excited about the weight loss I have gained so much more from my fitness craze - self esteem.

That's right ladies. It is empowering to be in good health. As a matter of fact, it has been an amazing experience for me. It has taught me that my opinion counts, what I think does matter. For the first time in years, I feel in charge of my life. Now, I'm using that feeling to get rid of all that past (and current) negativity in my life.

I have even noticed a better relationship with the kids, I feel better and am less grouchy and tired. It has been pretty cool.
So stay tuned, because I'm back to work and I've got a lot I want to share with you!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekend Blog & Twitter Hop

Thanks to Teddy at iheartmaternity for hosting this cool blog hop!

Losing the Mom Costume

Happy Friday friends! It's hard to believe another week has already passed us by...just four weeks until summer vacation. This week my boys(3 and 8) had their dental cleanings. This was my three-year-olds second visit to the dentist and well, let's just say last time he left his mark. On the poor dentist's finger, that is.
A mere five seconds after he went back, I could hear him screaming and carrying on. Then suddenly, he stopped. Across the crowded waiting room one of the other moms looked up at me and spoke. "Maybe they knocked him out," she said as she laughed. I smiled and continued with my writing, really not sure how to respond.
Speaking of interesting trips to the dentist, I had an interesting visit myself a few months back. I hadn't been in some time, shameful I know but I've just been so busy with the kids and all. The hygienist came out to the waiting room, directed me to her chair and started cleaning my teeth. After a bit, she stopped working, pulled back her chair looking me in the eye. "You know," she said. "You would feel better if you took better care of yourself. Your kids would respect you for it. You can't take care of everyone else if you don't properly take care of yourself."
I was blown away- I didn't even know this lady, had never seen her before in my life. Afterwards she went back to work and we made small talk for the rest of my visit.
Going along with the rest of my hectic day, I didn't give my morning much thought. Until late that evening when I caught sight of something horrible- myself in the bathroom mirror. I was wearing the same thing I had worn to the dentist that morning, a worn out t-shirt and ripped jeans. My hair was piled on top of my head in a messy ball. This had become my mom uniform, and I wore it everywhere. It was that evening, I decided it was time for a change. I realized the hygienist was right, there was nothing wrong with investing a little time in myself. My life started to change that day.
I started exercising and making time in the morning to put on some make-up and fix my hair. I went shopping(for myself) and bought some pretty blouses, dressier jeans and a few accessories. I didn't spend much, the items I bought were on sale, but they made me feel like a million bucks. Just taking that little bit of time each day to do something for myself has made me feel so much better. Don't get me wrong, I still get tired, worn down and grouchy sometimes, that's life. And I still wear my mom costume- when I am cleaning the house or having a marathon writing session.
But in the midst of all the hustle and bustle(which I love) at our house I try and remember to take a minute each day- just for me.
I hope you get to do the same mama- Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Minute to Say Thanks

Whew! What a festive week it has been here. I'm happy to report that all parties have come and gone (pretty) smoothly. The kids had a blast and so did I. Since there was no school on Friday, there was no rushing around like a house full of crazy people trying to get to school on time. Believe it or not the kids even slept in! Since I am used to jumping out of bed at five in the morning, I did not.
This was not a bad thing.
I awoke to a dark house, the rain gently falling outside. After making a pot of coffee, I quietly slipped over to my desk. Just one wrong move and I knew my quiet time would become Nick Jr. time. Since turning on the computer was not an option, I decided to catch up on the paperwork I had been avoiding during party week. That's when I found it, the soldier's address I had taken from I took it because our soldiers had been weighing heavily on my heart lately. I wanted to say thank you. So, I sat there in dark drinking my coffee and writing a letter. I haven't written a letter since I was a kid and I have to admit, it felt kinda weird without using the computer. I really didn't have any great prolific thing to say, just wrote about our life here and thanked them for their service to our country. I'm hoping the next time the kids will write to them as well.
I know those quiet minutes we get are few and far between. I know they are special. But finding that address on my desk Friday morning reminded me of something. Sometimes using your time to do something to lift someone else up is just as valuable. There are so many people in our lives who need a smile, a pat on the back, that quick phone call to say hi.Just a thought I wanted to share with you.
Happy Easter! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Spring Party Week!

It looks like the Easter Bunny threw up in the back of my jeep. Yes, that’s right…it’s spring party week again! So not only did I have to slug it out with the other “last minute mommies” at our local Target AND Wal-Mart but I need to make 22 treat bags for my middle son’s class party. No big deal, right? Not when your three-year-old wants to help you by sampling all the candy.

After drop off tomorrow(a two trip ordeal), I have to rush home to make 20 fresh bunny shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my three-year-olds class party at 10:30. Oh, and I forgot about those cute little bunny cupcakes with the marshmallow ears and candy noses and the tinted coconut fur…I have to make those for a family party this weekend. This last thing though, is my own fault. It was one of those Martha Stewart/Superwoman volunteer moments that ended with “of course I have time, I’m not busy at all.”

It is times like these I question my sanity. Ok, well more than usual.

But it’s cool, it usually works itself out. As long as I don’t get all stressed and act crazy (i.e. embarrass myself or my kids). That is why today I want to encourage my awesome readers to remember to take a little time each day to relax. Even if you can only sneak away for a minute (you can even hide in the bathroom- I do sometimes) just take a few deep breaths, focus, regroup and be thankful.

Because before you know it (and I speak from experience here) the parties will be over. Well, the school ones anyway. I’m sure if I showed up at the high school with treat bags and bunny cupcakes my 15-year-old would hide under a chair.

Hmmm, I’ll have to remember that the next time she gets into trouble.

Have a great day tomorrow!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome to The Mama Minute

Hello there Mama! Welcome to the Mama Minute, a new blog reminding you that even mom needs a minute to herself. Wait, don't get me wrong, I love my family. They are great. But I have realized something in the last few months: You can't take care of your family well if you don't bother to care for yourself. I don't mean just taking a shower and putting on a clean t-shirt and pair of jeans(well, I mean that too), but taking care of your mind, body and soul. That's right, the whole package. I realized this myself when I happened in front of the bathroom mirror in ripped(too small) jeans and a faded, worn ratty t-shirt. Scary stuff friends!! So, basically I changed everything-my eating habits, started exercising and basically just carving out some time for myself! The changes were(are still) difficult at times, but they are worth it. Even my family benefits. It has had such an effect on my life, I wanted to share it with other moms. So I hope you will join in the conversation and we can exchange tips and ideas. Or, just grab a cup of coffee and take a minute for yourself!